Saturday, 10 November 2012


It's good to see Obama win the US election. I was worried that America had regressed to its Bush era sillyness, but they've still got enough sense not to vote for the elephant dafties. I just don't trust the Republicans - maybe they're not all idiots (Romney certainly isn't and did some good work while he was governor of Masachussetts) but their core constituency of bible-belt gun toting never-left-the-state conservatives are so far from anything I could call progressive or even sane that giving them the run of the US again would be very bad indeed for the rest of the world (who they don't give a toss about). Obama's not perfect (I still think Hillary would've been better, and she might get her chance in 2016) but he's a lot more rational than the elephants.

Back to real-life as it were and it's been an up and down couple of weeks. Haven't had a whole lot to do at work yet, which is a bit annoying - although it means I've had plenty of time to read up on everything from the Iran-Iraq war to the economic policies of Salvador Allende (that has to be my new favourite website)
But overall not so good. Hopefully I'll get a bit more to do soon or this whole enterprise will start looking a bit pointless.

Sinéad paid me a visit last week and we had a lovely couple of days in Glasgow.

First time I've actually gone into Glasgow city centre since I moved here. Much like any other city really, loads of shopping. It also has a circular subway that used to be pulled round by a cable which is cool if slightly superfluous.
We went to see Skyfall - a good film although much of the plot seemed a bit pointless. I shan't say too much. What did annoy me though was that the fim didn't start until an hour after advertised - what's that about? When I go to a film at 1800 I expect it to be started by a quarter past.

Sinéad left on Saturday and I was back on my own - so I went to TCA. I've been going more and more now, when I'm feeling a bit low a few hours spent there seem to pick me up. It's odd how exercise really makes you feel better.
Sinéad at TCA

Anyway all this bouldering is starting to have an effect. Apart from the sore skin and achey fingers which prevent me going every day of the week I've noticed a big difference in my climbing - bouldering a grade or two harder than I could a month ago, and time spent on the endurance circuits has helped too. Hopefully I can keep it up over the winter and pull hard when trad season comes round again (if it ever does in Scotland!).

Last weekend winter conditions started looking promising in Scotland but of course it's very early in the season and it all melted again. However the outlook is hopeful and all being well in a fortnight or so I'll be able to head up north and play with the pointy pointies.

Today was largely spent watching documentaries and building a model of Sizewell B power station out of card (random, but I found a template at work and the weather's crap). I'll go mad if I don't keep myself busy.

Back in Ireland again next weekend - QUBMC Donegal trip. It'll be nice to see everyone again, if only briefly.

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